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We understand that it is extremely difficult to reach out to a follower base on the internet. This applies to new artists more than anyone else.
In order to make things easy for you, our agency is offering you followers and plays for a range of different music streaming websites.
This includes SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Due to an increased number of followers and plays, you are likely to attract a bigger audience to your music and show yourself off as a legitimate musician/band.


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Get a booster for your YouTube video from us. Our Package includes YouTube likes, views and comments. By buying YouTube comments you will have Special Plus in Ranking.
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We'll get you viral Instagram likes, followers & comments by talking to the people that are most likely to fall in love with your idea, brand or store.
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The advancement of internet has opened countless ways for business opportunities for people arounf the world. It has made things easy and fast by revolutionizing communication.
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Expanding your twitch followers is great way to levitation awesome streaming platform and build a trustworthy audience.
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Our Services

Let Wicked Media Limited give your social media a blast! Choose package via our sub website offerings and lets take your brand off the ground. Having a consistent social media presence is key in today's business climate, and that's why Wicked Media Limited is here to assist. We want to help booster your brand, so that your audience will know that you're relevant, social and growing. Pick the best package for your business &/or personal needs, and lets get your social media off the ground!

What is Social Booster ?

Our users chose Social Media Booster for a number of different reasons, like below;

-Expanding their audience and importance on Social Media
-Increasing order sales in their online store business
-Increasing circle and building local relationships

and they come from a large of different backgrounds and industries, like below;

-Startup Business
-Creative Company and Industries such as photography and advertising

But they all continue to with us because of one thing: The fact we get outcome.

In fact, we can prove it too. That's why we have built different websites (, to provide you booster.

Booster can be based on hashtag usage and interest of people in countries, or locations around you, such as stadiums, hotels, restaurants, concerts and many other. It helps you achieve more traffic to your social media profiles, whether it is your LinkedIn profile or your Facebook business page or your YouTube channel.

Moreover This will provide you complete control over your target audience on Instagram. this can also be used to grow your dominance socially over specific locations, forming a healthy bond between you and your audiences and hence building real significance for you and your brand.

When you combine this with our or, which will allow you to find, monitor, and contact a large number of users available on social media, you will find that this can generate real leads for your business.

You can be confident that we provide an all in one solution to achieve YouTube or Instagram success, for whatever reason you may ant it.